Global Youth 2013 – Dreams in an Age of Uncertainty

Global Youth TruthGood start to the day! Listened to how it´s like to grow up in the age of T according to young people. This sneak peak of the future is interesting in so many ways. Young people’s values and attitudes are important per se, but it is also the youth that set a lot of the trends in society – both consumption and behaviour wise. Today, from stage, we got a glimps of the future when all the fantastic young people expressed their aspiration like only young passionate youngsters can do.

How do young people in different parts of the world look upon life, work, society, consumption and media? What are their dreams, where are they heading? In Kairos Futures latest study on global youth they focused on how it’s like to grow up in an age of T – Turbulence, Transparency and Talent war.

Young people dream about a myriad of things: from audacious goals of fame and fortune to humble dreams of a happy familiy. However, from what we learned this morning, there are two dreams in particular that stand out – the dream of a nice home and the dream of a good job. For more bold dreams, the survey suggest we have to go to BRICST (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Turkey).

Worries, big and small. Unemployment, the environment and war. Global worries in the BRICST, local worries in the west. But the #1 worry amongst the Global Youth is being unemployed.

Top 5 sectors to work in (Sweden)
Research and development, Media, Healthcare, IT/Telecom, Retail

What characteristics are most important in a good boss?
Fair, Encouraging, Good communicator, Supportive, Friendly and knowledgeable.

38% is the share of Global Youth who describe themselves as ‘addicted to social media’. Reason why? Friends, friends, friends. 75% of the Global Youth believe that companies ought to be better at obtaining customer feedback on their products. In other words – please engage me sais the mobile consuming youth.

Panelists: Youngsters = experts, and Katarina Berggren, kommunstyrelseordförande in Botkyrka municipality, Hans Markander, Head of Information Manpower Group, Katarina Berg SVP HR Rusta.

About the Survey
Kairos Future has interviewed 6500 young people between the ages 16-29 in Sweden, England, Spain, Turkey, USA, Australia, Russia, Brasil, India, China and South Africa. The results of the study Global Youth – Dreams in an Age of Uncertainty was presented this morning at Bio Rio, 4th of june 2013.

About Kairos Future
Visit their website



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