SIME HRYesterday afternoon and evening I spent the day listening and talking about ”How do you build a workplace to master the digital age and how will HR evolve in a society where everything is connected all the time”?

The venue took place in the cosy Gröna Lundsteatern. Ola Ahlvarsson welcomed us all to a Journey in Digital Opportunities officially opening the first SIME HR SUMMIT.

Tommie Cau then escorted initiated two fire-side chats with Mikael Eriksson Björling, network evengalist at Ericsson Consumer Lab and Sara Arildsson, Global Director Kenexa Sales, IBM. This was followed by a quick walk up to Circus and the rest of the SIME crowd to listen to a talk with Rolv Erik Ryssdal, ceo of Schibsted Media Group and followed by unreplicable professor Micael Dahlén giving his Nextopia speach with a tweek.

Back again at Gröna Lundsteatern Rikard Steiber, Chief digital officer at MTG entered the stage giving us a speedy case safari on the daily fight for talent and how he is creating a new power house of talent at MTGx. The panel continued with the disrupters that forever changed the talent industri? Sam Rihani, head of Marketing Solutions at Facebook Nordics and Lars Ingeslev, head of talent solutions at LinkedIn Nordics.

The platform guys were followed by Robin Teigland, associate professor at SSE who took us on a journey to better be able to understand how one of the fastes growing digital trends will impact our organizations and what a new generation of virtual world savvy talent will mean for HR in the years to come. Robin is always good to listen to and with a wake up call to all the dinosaurs wanting to listen to a new skill set up from generation L that we oldies need to take into account. Recruiting in a virtual world would be a great way to see something different of a person. To some companies, face-to-face meetings are the same as going online with their avatars. What does that mean for your leadership? If Robin is right, virtual worlds are the next step. Then focus needs to be on fun, inspirational and engaging ie gamification of a new generation. And, is companies really needed?

Mats Hedenros, ceo AMF Fastigheter and rockstar Anne-Marie Andric, HR Director Microsoft Sweden had a great conversation about re-thinking the office – creating the future workplace. Have you started to transform your organization to become the greatest place to work in the digital age..?

Last persons sitting in the great line up of fire-side digital chats was Marie Hallander Larsson and Mikael Eriksson Björling. Talking about conventions like control, service centers and what other disciplines expect from HR and how that could be re-invented.

Thank you @tommiecau and SIME for a great day and for invitied me to do the rap up together with you. Liked the heading; – Learnings from the HR Director´s Cockpit. Inside stories and key takeaways on the future of HR.

The After-Talk & Mingle at Festvåningen at Cirkus featuring Heavy Metal Management author Pär-Jörgen Pärson and IBM HR Thought Leader Nick Kouma was the perfect end of the day.

Left Djurgården psyched after meetings with fantastic people all with a passion and energy to explore and share.

Missed it? Twitter: and/or #SIMEHR.



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