Sustainable Workforce

Slave to the rhythmHow do we solve the Talent Scarcity Dilemma?

What do most organisations find to be their biggest challenge if not the lack of right skills in their workforce at the moment.., or? What could HR do more to successfully find and tap into the hidden exceptional talent already within our organisation and how can we in the most efficient way provide our E´s with the tailored developmental experiences that will assure retention of a sustainable workforce.

Is it a collective awakening of employers of what the true impact of talent shortage on the business might do or is it still a question that all of us are fishing in the same waters and predetermine how talent looks like? By changing our lens and challenge our focus, companies can understand talent spotting rather than exhaust themselves on the single question of what the Talent shortage will affect. Until we crack the code, dare to stick to our core values, cast a sober light on what really drives sustainable workforce – we need to stop running in circles and try to outbid other employers if we actually believe culture eats compensation for breakfast.



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