The Hot Seat – The challenges for HR in digital transformation

Digitala transformation HRImpossible to neglect that the prefix digital was glued to so many of the topics being handled during the week in Almedalen. This was true for my first panel as well: The Hot Seat – The challenges for HR in digital transformation moderated by @tommiecau

The panel was asked to discuss and reflect on:

  • Digital transformation – what does that mean to your respective organisations?
  • Recruitment – how is the digital transformation changing the way you attract and recruit?
  • Talent management – how is your talent management work impacted by a digital transformation?
  • Leadership – how is our leaders and our leadership practice changing during a digital transformation?
  • Running an HR transformation – which area is impacted the most?

It was a pleasure to be in the panel with @asaragnar and @asajamal I think there were some expections us having different challanges and experiences due to i) org.differences ii) maturity of the three orgs iii) us having  different roles & approaches – but as the conversation developed we realized that it could have been more exciting for the people listening @Epicenter

This actually is one of my reflection from this year. Most, if not all panels consists of people with the same ideas, same view, same passion, same concerns. Not so interesting in the long run to listen to and also, no spark, very little dynamics and not really moving the perception. 

I really liked that the audience stayed, asked a lot of questions and there was a crisp dialogue that started after the actual panel and continued for an extra hour.

Next year. I look forward to: Disruption! Labs, Workshops and why not a ‘home’ for all the HR related questions like Talent Aqcuistion, Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership etc. This would make time for quality mingel that not necessary has to involve rosé.


Photo credit: The Phoneographer


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