Women In Tech

For the third consecutive year Spotify are proud sponsors to Women in Tech, Stockholm. This year all the sponsors open their door for a breakfast session. Our chief product officer Gustav Söderström will talk about his career and what occupies his mind these days @Spotify – Product, Design & Data.


12.00 Registration opens @Folkets Hus, Stockholm

13.00-18.30 WIT conference @Folkets Hus

13:00 Welcome to WIT!
13:10 Keynote: “Disruptive Technologies and Exponential Thinking”
Victoria Bastide, CTO Lifesum and Katie Knish, Product Development Manager Lifesum
13:30 Keynote: “Building World-Class Products” Daniel Ek, CEO Spotify

13:50 – Behind the Scenes: Technologies that Will Change the World
13:50-14:05 Rebecca Jonsson, Chief Researcher at Artificial Solutions
14:05-14:20 Annika Fogelgren, Producer for Candy Crush Soda at King

14:20-14:50 Coffee + networking

14:50 (Tech) Panel: “What we Love and Hate With Working in Tech” (Moderator: Paulina Modlitba Söderlund)
Annie Thorell, Frontend Engineer and Team Lead at Wrapp
Izabelle Back, Thermal Engineer Tesla
Maral Biniazan, Dev Manager Viaplay
Alicia Rissler, UX Director iZettle
15:10 (Media/Tech) Panel: “Spotlight on The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” (Moderator: Jane Walerud)
Elina Berglund, CTO and co-founder Natural Cycles
Cecilia Borg, CTO Looklet
Martina Elm, Co-founder Confetti
Anu Bhardwaj, Women Investing in Women DIGITAL
15:30 (Tech) Attracting Girls and Women to Technology – Present & Future (Moderator: Jennifer Råsten)
Elin Rydberg, Software Engineer Kundo
Adi Ben-Artzy, Global Recruiter Google
Dajana Vlajic, M.Sc Student at KTH and Board member Womengineer
Nami Zarringhalam, CSO Truecaller
15:50 (Media) Panel: “Driving Transformation through Technology” (Moderator: Sofia Svanteson)
Anki Ahrnell, CDO Bonnier
Hélène Barnekow, CEO Telia
Sara Ghisler, CIO Dibs
Eva Fors, CEO Yanzi Networks
16:10 Interview + WheeLearn Startup Launch with Malin Arvidsson, WIT Student of Vision Award 2015 winner

16.20 – 18:00 Keynote: Building a modern, disruptive, innovative data-driven business: product and technology perspective. Please note that this take place at the same time as the breakout sessions.
Lidia Oshlyansky, VP UX Schibsted Media Group
Galina Esther Shubina, Founder, Data Labs
Atelach Alemu Argaw, Engineering Manager, Schibsted Media Group
Jacqueline Dozier, Product Manager, Schibsted Media Group.
16.20 – 18:00 – Breakout sessions: Sign-up required.
Everyone who has a ticket to WIT has received an email with instructions on how to sign up for a session.
The Code Pub: CSS Animations – Making Web magical since HTML5 with Netlight. Room 307

Tjejer kodar: Create your own design for vecka.nu with Tjejer Kodar and iZettle. Room 202
SUP46: Develop your tech startup idea together with industry leaders. Room 203+204
Isabelle Edlund: Investments and Funding – is there a right way to do it? Room 201
Toca Boca: Playful Prototyping. Room 300

18:10-18:30 – Keynote: “The journey to the top”
Lydia Winter, Brand Director Mojang.


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