Swedish leadership – an export product ready to ship and stronger then ever! 

For the 14 year running did Chef arrange Chefgalan to promote good leadership and award the best managers in Sweden. The theme:  Swedish leadership – Top Notch – what is the secret?

Where? March 9 2016 @Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

How? With focus on Swedish leadership, with managers from all types of organisations, some of the county’s biggest inspirations and successful leaders will come together and share their experience and failures.

So, what defines Swedish leadership. Really? Autonomy, competence development, belonging and benevolence!

Suad Ali stood out during her talk with moderator Claes de Fair, so did the award winning Jan Carlzon.

Chefgalan 2016

Cecilia Westerholm Beer, Anne-Marie Andric, Jan Carlzon



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