Lead On Leave goes SXSW

Conf AustinThis global parental leave of our is making its waves. Just got to Austin Texas and SXSW. This world famous event attracts thousands of registrants from across the globe that are looking for new ideas, new collaborators and an opportunity to create meaningful connections.

Spotify KidsMost likely SXSW is known for its music scene and as much as I am looking forward to spend time at the Spotify House  I am here to talk about the parental leave policy we launched back in November last year. Proud and happy that we can #LeadOnLeave

My first stop was to listen to FLOTUS talk aboutFLOTUS ‘Let Girls Learn’. The First Lady promoted the initiative, which seeks to break barriers to education for girls. Queen Latifah served as moderator on the keynote panel, which included Missy Elliott, Diane Warren and actress Sophia Bush.

The women on the panel at SXSW shared personal stories and talked freely about some of the music that had influenced and empowered them. They also took questions from the audience. One being – will you run for president? The first lady answered: ”I’m gonna continue to work with our young people all over the world. Not as president. I will not run for president.” The crowd responded with disappointment.

The Meet Ups is as impressive as the line up of great artists on the different music scenes during the week;

  • Brands & Marketing
  • Design
  • Development & Code
  • Government
  • Health
  • Tech Industry
  • Workplace
  • Social Impact
  • Startup Village

….just to name some of the areas under Music, Film & Interactive.

Looking forward, y’all!



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