Diversity & Inclusion Summit

This coming Wednesday and Thursday Spotify’s Annual Diversity & Inclusion Summit is going on in Subtopia outside of Stockholm.


Isa Notermans

While last year was all about creating awareness, this years focus is ”Taking Action”! Key note speakers are both internal as well as external. Isa Notermans our global head of D&I will open together with Daniel and myself and can´t wait to spend two full days with our D&I Ambassadors. Looking forward to listen to Tasso Stafilidis (Head of the Gothenburg Culture Festival) talk about how his organisation made the festival diverse and inclusive and Seher Yilmaz (Rättviseförmedlingen) will facilitate one of our tracks. Thursday morning we will start w/ Alexandra Pascalidou (Journalist) who will give us a colorful and powerful personal perspective on how to be brave in the face of challenges and what it really means to be inclusive.

Seher & Alexandra

Seher Yilmaz & Alexandra Pascalidou

Between presentations, we will do some serious serious ‘workshoping’, creating action activities for each of our four work tracks (Our Product, Our Culture, Our Community and Hiring & Attraction). As always, we will look into how to tackle bias, how to build the culture we all want while in hyper growth, empowering each other, and how brand and perception attracts diverse talent.

Summit 16

Our D&I Ambassadors

//Katarina Berg, CHRO @Spotify


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