SIME Consciousness

SCKom en lite annorlunda inbjudan… till Sime Consciousness. En dag som fokuserar på modernt ledarskap, lycka, jag-utveckling och hur vi lever, leker och arbetar i en allt mer komplicerad värld. Sime Consciousness är skapat av Sime tillsammans med Stiftelsen Ekskäret.

Inbjudan kom tillsammans med ett Öppet brev till din hjärna

Världen blir allt mer komplex, teknologi ritar om traditionella sanningar i rekordfart och förändring blir norm i det uppkopplade samhället där vi verkar bli rikare… men olyckligare, friskare… men mer deprimerade… mer uppkopplade… men allt ensammare… Många av de gamla sanningarna verkar inte fungera längre.

AHH Sime C”Vi tror att vi måste tänka nytt och utmana hur vi arbetar, hur vi mäter framgång och hur vi skapar samhällen anpassade för våra framtida utmaningar. Vi är övertygade om att det i denna era av paradoxer krävs en ny typ av ledare och bolag, som inte har som affärsidé att exploatera planeten, utan istället förbättra (eller till och med rädda) den. Vi tror att vägen till framgång, hur vi mår och en bättre gemensam agenda startar med en inre resa”.

BardissimoUngefär här, om inte tidigare brukar jag sluta läsa samt inse att jag har vare sig tid eller möjlighet att skohorna ned ännu en aktivitet i agendan. Av någon anledning så var det just kombinationen av vanan och vardagen som gjorde att jag tänkte att jag just därför borde ta mig denna halv/heldag och gå och lyssna på talaruppställningen som även den med fanns med på inbjudan:

  • Adam Haar Horowitz, MIT, om Powerful patterns.

Mina take aways – neuroscience & mindfulness samt Big data and human behavior. A neutral on/off switch

  • Alexander Bard, producent, artist, filosof, författare, föreläsare mm

Mina take aways – Dividuals vs Individuals. The idea about God was a good one, but we can forget about the Father, the Son.., the Spirit is interesting though. And, again, @bardissimo is always ahead of his time.

  • Stefan Einhorn, läkare, professor, författare, föreläsare

Mina take aways – där tilliten försvinner där eroderar samhället som vi känner det. Dagens storyteller; varm, rolig, klok

  • Ola Ahlvarsson, moderator, vd Sime

Citat: att vara här och nu. inte här och där.


Without passion nothing happens, without compassion the wrong things happen

Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nation


Tack för en nyttig dag Ola & Co!

//Katarina Berg

EB DNA style

Inte var söndag man springer ihop med miss EB (Employer Branding) herself! Allra minst i NYC och tillsammans med miss DNA (Det Nya Arbetslivet).

Acing it

A, D, B we have to find a C

Skön frukost på Ace, USA’s bästa kaffe från Stumptown och några HR-frågor rakt över disk. Eller som Dyhre själv skulle uttrycka det; vad trendar inom HR just nu?!

Bra fråga faktiskt. Mycket i) know your numbers aka people analytics ii) årlig medarbetareundersökning vs puls-mätning iii) framtunga och administrativa OKR-processer vs lita till den kontinuerliga dialogen iv) PM vs PD




Why 5 Companies #LeadOnLeave

Just ran my fastest (not in good shape) to catch the Amtrak to NYC w/ Tom Manatos as my perfect wingman. We have spent the afternoon talking why Kat DC#LeadOnLeave is a good business strategy, including impact on talent attraction and employee retention. But more than anything, it is the right thing to do AND as we know proud people perform. And being with your family during a very special time is very important for individuals as well as for company and societies.


5 May 2016 – Washington, D.C. – Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez Katarina Berg, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Spotify

As a leader in this space, Patagonia and Spotify shared our experience and reason why we do this and our value proposition. Very useful to listen to Secretary Perez, Dept of Labor and from other businesses supportive of public policies like FMLI, including those who have employees in states with existing policies.

It is somewhat awkward to discuss things we take for granted in Sweden and has more then 20 years of experience of in a country that doesn´t have one day of payed state leave. Yet. The need for paid family and sick leave is more pressing than ever, and research shows that paid leave is good for both employees and businesses.

DOL amplified the event through digital media, with a live feed of the discussion. 


//Katarina Berg, CHRO, Spotify

Paid Leave – Music to Our Ears

Our blog post on DOL as of this morning

Parental LeaveAt Spotify, our passion is music. In fact, when a new employee joins, we often greet them by saying, “Welcome to the band.” The people of Spotify got us where we are today, and our ability to continue to deliver the world’s best music service lies in their hands. We believe in helping our team to learn, grow and meet their responsibilities at home and at work.

That’s why all full-time Spotify employees are offered up to six months parental leave with 100 percent pay.Parents are able to take their leave up to the child’s third birthday. We encourage parents to take the full time off or take advantage of this added flexibility and split their leave into separate periods. In addition, we help people with a “Welcome Back!” program that allows returning team members to ease back into their job with the ability to work from home, or on a part-time schedule with flexible hours. This policy applies to mothers and fathers, same-sex couples, surrogates and those who adopt.

Research shows that when a company offers very generous or unlimited time-off policies, it often results in employees taking less time out of work because they are affected by social pressures and workplace expectations. Research also shows that these types of policies can be successful if a company embodies a culture where employees are encouraged to take time off in a retaliation-free environment, and when a company extends this flexibility to everyone.

Paid parental leave has multiple positive effects on the health of not only the children but also the parents. Many studies have shown how paid parental leave can reduce infant mortality, increase the likelihood of infants getting well-baby care visits and vaccinations, and have multiple mental health benefits for the parents. Specifically, one study showed women that took longer than 12 weeks maternity leave “reported fewer depressive symptoms, a reduction in severe depression and improvement in their overall mental health.”

Our Swedish-inspired work culture means that we have an environment where a rich time-off policy can be successful. This is what differentiates Spotify from most other companies, and why we believe employees all around the world will be comfortable (and expected) to take their full parental leave time with the support of their peers, managers and leaders.

After we announced our paid leave policy – from our NYC office with White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett – many Spotify employees expressed how proud they are to work in a company that offers this type of policy.

  • Ned, one of our technical account engineers, said that spending time with his daughter in her first few months created memories he’d treasure for the rest of his life.
  • Kal, our vice president of revenue operations, is a “huge fan” of the program, which he used to spend time with his daughter as she was beginning to speak, and to meet her new friends and their families: “Everyone at work was very understanding and pitched in to ensure we had complete coverage of my responsibilities.”
  • Eliot, a data storyteller, said “My family and I will be forever grateful for Spotify’s parental leave policy. I try to be a fairly active father, but working full-time means missing out on all kinds of things.”
  • And Global Human Resource Business Partner Johan Sellgren said it’s fantastic to see the acceptance and encouragement of the policy within the company. After taking leave, “you come back with new energy and perspectives.”

These are just a few of the positive benefits our workplace has found since we introduced this policy.

We strongly believe that when our people thrive, our company thrives. And when our people develop, our company develops. Our company was born out of a culture that places an emphasis on a healthy work/family balance, gender equality and the ability for every parent to spend quality time with the people that matter most in their lives. We encourage companies here in the United States and around the world to #LeadOnLeave.


Katarina Berg

Katarina Berg, chief human resources officer of Spotify.