Swedishness, a business idea?

Ikea is built on it. Volvo is refreshing it. Jan Carlzon is still doing it via his Moment of Truth. So, it isn´t that special I got to spend most of the day discussing Swedishness; i) Swedish leadership – autonomy, competence development, belonging & benevolence ii) the Swedish model in general and iii) parental and sick leave in specific.

Still. What an amazing day. Full stop.

Tyvm Tom for:

Tom ManatosInviting me to your old workplace and showing me around. Really appreciate it and loved to learn more about the Capitol from you and our DJ and cicero during our very special tour.

Had no idea that many people had a chance to step into ‘the office’ on a daily basis. Great to hear the behind the scenes stories of a lot of famous and infamous men and women.

Senators trainTaking the senators train aka the horisontel elevator to the Senate Office Building to meet w/ senator Gillibrand’s staff. The American system of pushing bills and our Swedish system is so different and very interesting to get a better understanding of what the more progressive states are trying to do. To get the opportunity to talk to Keith Castaldos and Alexandra Lowe-Server was very rewarding and hopefully we gave them something useful in return.

House of SwedenAfter a great lunch and some time to read up on the afternoon program we headed out to the House of Sweden. This Embassy of ours must be the best located embassy in the whole of Washington. Just by the Potomac river, this open glass house with water and birch tree is simply a piece of Sweden. Very attentive, the exhibition showing at the moment: Gender equality – We’ve come a long way – haven’t we? It is about Sweden’s achievements in gender equality. This exhibition aims to inspire and reflect as well as discuss the changes which have been made and to initiate the changes still needed to reach gender equality in your part of the world. The exhibition will be on display until December, 2016. Tyvm Monica Enqvist for showing us around the lovely House of Sweden.

Timing is all, right. So to get the chance to meet with the embassy staff just a week after the Nordic Summit at the White House was just one of those happy coincidences. We should all be proud of the shout outs President Obama did and of course we where extra thrilled that he mentioned Spotify along with Swedish icons like Abba, Volvo ; Björn Borg and Pippi Longstocking. To be able to talk about that with people attending this historic pow wow was a real treat. It was a great talk about our proud Swedish roots and important push for #LeadOn Leave initiative. Thanks ambassador Björn Lyrvall and staff for having us!

Amb B Lyrvall & staff

Göran Lithell, Monica Enqvist, Katarina Berg, Björn Lyrvall, Andreas von Uexküll. Missing on the picture Tomas Manatos and Tom Siebert.

//Katarina Berg, CHRO, Spotify

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