The #LeadOnLeave Team

VIP Reception HR

Tom & The HR Squad

Just got back to the hotel after an exceptional evening hosted by VP Biden. The opportunity to spend an evening like this with your amazing HR team makes me unbelievable proud. Smiling faces all over the VIP Reception and this is just the evening before the United State of Women Summit hosted by The White House. Tomorrow we will be able to listen to when @FLOTUS will join @Oprah for an armchair discussion.

Regardless of our Swedish way of thinking, whether they were made possible by tradition,


Taylor Barnes, Chloe, Connie Britton, Halle, Kathleen Biden

culture or legislation, the steps that has been taken to ensure that women and men have equal opportunities and equal power to shape society, their lives and their families is pretty much why we are invited. And the evening couldn´t have been a nicer one. The weather is to good to be true, the view from the rooftop bar at the Hay-Adams overlooking the White House and the smiles on the face of my team was just the best experience ever.

Hay Adams

Katarina Berg, Michael Kim

Neither of us could have thought that our global parental leave policy would send us all down to Washington DC. I am in awe of this team. They did better than good. And best part of it is that seven months after launch we can see a lot of the positive effects that we where hoping for.

Just wishing the whole HR squad could have joined us on this event. They so would have deserved it.



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