The advantage of daring to kill your darlings

PD Johanna BT

Johanna Tingvall

It is the yearday of us doing away OKRs. As a matter of fact, it is two years now since we took the decision performance, but more so the company, our teams and our personal growth needs to level up and tedious, time-consuming and rigid performance management tools and processes will simply not do it.

OKR, Objectives and Key Results, a method of defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Its main goal is to connect objectives to measurable results, making people move together in the right direction. All good (in theory) and therefor what the lion part of organisations still do, several weeks of the year. And hence, the main reason why it wasn´t received all well when we communicated from HR that we wanted to scrap both the tool and the process in place.

The advantage of regular 1:1s, the total conviction of a growth mindset and therefor introducing performance development our way and getting rid of the traditional and anxious performance reviews. The talent snapshot became our recipe to inspire better performance, build a stronger culture, and enable growth.

//Katarina, CHRO Spotify